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Secretary/Treasurer, Victoria Gardner RsD


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Nikola Tesla worked in 9 scientific research areas. SECTIONS, with photos:










These are revised as new material is developed; keep checking back!

Photos from several conferences are posted, captioned & sorted:
Conference Invention Photo Sets

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Michael Riversong, Teacher

Welcome to Tesla Academy!

Here is where you can learn the basics of Tesla related research lines. By studying what's provided on this site you will find solutions to the current energy crisis, new dimensions in health care, deeper understanding of science, and ways to rationally evaluate new technologies as they are presented to you.

Instruction in Production and Specialized Adult levels is provided. Check back here often since courses and other offerings constantly change according to student needs.


Several MP3 interviews of inventors, researchers, social entrepreneurs, and scientists are available for free download. Here for Interview Directory


One good way to get started in this study is to use its dictionary. Here is the 2008 edition with latest updates and photos for download or reference; 23MB PDF. Tesla Dictionary of Advanced Research Terminology

For your convenience, a copy of the 1996 HTML edition of Tesla Dictionary of Advanced Research Terminology has been installed here. This may be necessary for people with older computers or restricted Internet connections; the file is only 44KB in size. Click here for the 1996 Dictionary

General Resources

Who is Nikola Tesla?

14 Years With the International Tesla Society

Environmental Implications of Free Energy presentation outline

2013 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Summary Report

2012 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Summary Report

2012 Tesla Science Foundation Philadelphia Conference Summary Report

2011 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Summary Report

Tesla Wireless Electricity Transmission System

Global Turbulence: Key to Climate Change

Updating Classical Education

Classroom Justice

An Ideal Computer Education

Wheel of Occupations

If you could do any job there is, what would you do? Are you ideally a Farmer, Day Laborer, Pastor, Docter, or an Inventor, Scientist, Researcher, or perhaps someone not listed here? With this new type of personnel manual you will have tools to help assess your abilities and find your ideal occupation. This FREE book provides a framework for how to secure life support within a balanced economic system.

Right-click to Download the PDF file of Wheel Of Occupations 134 KB here:
Wheel Of Occupations.pdf

Right-click to Download the supplementary PDF file Wildlife Management 27 KB here:

Off-Site Links:

Surviving Into Anything and HHO - This is an ultimate survival workshop by Vernon Roth, who has frequently been a speaker at ExtraOrdinary Technology conferences. Covers the relationship between consciousness and energy production, safety around hydrogen fuel, water electrolysis, and experimental strategies.
Surviving Into Anything and HHO

Philadelphia Tesla Days and Tesla Science Foundation Conference - Michael Riversong reports on the conference that took place July 9-11, 2010. Topics included Tesla coils, Zero Point Energy, Atmospheric Energy, Quantum Physics, Gyroscopics, Ball Lightning, Electrogravitics.
2010 Philadelphia Tesla Days

ExtraOrdinary Technology conference 2010 report by Riversong - A review of the four-day free energy conference held in Albuquerque, NM, USA from July 28 - Aug. 1, featuring John Searl and his antigravity technology, Marko Rodin and his toroid coils, health technologies, hydrogen/hydroxy, vortex, and more.
2010 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference


PESWIKI: Primary web reference on currently developing technologies.

Michael Riversong's Gateway site, which provides access to Music, a photo gallery, more writings, and other resources.

Online, local, and touring courses are presently being offered. If you have an interest in this subject area, please email. It is likely that a course could be quickly designed for you or your group.  Touring courses may be offered anywhere except known war zones, provided transportation, facility, and lodging expenses are covered. 

Much of this site may be updated at any time, so please bookmark this page and return often.

Live Technical Classes

Tesla Research Basics: 
Covers the life of Nikola Tesla, his main research and inventions, and how these are currently being built. In this class you will learn what has worked so far and what hasn't, backgrounds and working methods of many successful inventors, and today's most promising processes. Essential terms including references to zero-point energy and free energy are cleared up. Demonstrations of certain basic principles are provided.

How To Heal With Music: 
Research for this class began in 1982, and it has been offered consistently since then. Music affects living beings on many levels, including physical, mental, and spiritual. Examples of live and recorded music vividly illustrate points in a lively, engaging format. Specific techniques for using music to enhance professionalism, family life, and learning are included. Presentations can run from an hour to 2 days and can be customized. Great for charitable community groups and schools!

Design Ecology Environmental Health Class:  Learn how to create healthy living and working environments.  This class is based on the material published in the book Design Ecology by Michael Riversong.  It includes instruction in scientifically oriented Feng Shui, German Bau-Biologie practice, basic environmental chemistry, and design techniques.  Check out the Healthy Places web link for more background information on this class.

Fundamentals of Geobiology:  Available as a touring class only at this time.  Learn how to detect and handle energies that arise naturally from the structure of this planet.  Included is instruction on human perceptual systems as they relate to energy forms, how geobiological energies interact with electromagnetic fields (EMF),  and experimental techniques for moderating the effects of geobiological energies. Includes tours of locally significant sites.

Tesla Academy classes can be delivered anywhere.

CD-ROM Products


Now, 2 CD ROMs are available to give you an advantage in learning more about how to survive and prosper using these findings. Yes, some of this material is available in other ways. These disks are the only way to have all these resources at your fingertips, thus saving you a lot of time. They are especially useful for new students, but even advanced researchers can broaden knowledge significantly.

Literally packed with photos, articles, and podcasts, this library disk will give you many years of observations and insights into advanced energy research. Included are:
Photos of many Nikola Tesla and related inventions
Reports on ExtraOrdinary Technology conferences
All editions of the Tesla Dictionary of Advanced Research Terminology, including the most recent update (with photos) released September 2008
Articles and short comments on several technologies
Antique radio and electronic equipment
Educational writings: how to learn about advanced subjects
Synergetics gallery: models from a system of math that can explain optimum design and gravity phenomena
Complete text of the Wheel of Occupations book
Tesla resources text file database

Complete text of Design Ecology: Creating Healthy Living Environments (1996) in PDF format
Current version of Fundamentals of Geobiology
Complete text of the yet to be published Healthy Places book
Feng Shui gallery with over 100 building photos illustrating principles
Europe gallery showing good building practices
SolarPix gallery, tracing solar energy development from 1980
WindPwr gallery
Plant identification photos
Podcast interviews of people active in alternative energy and Permaculture
Bonus: Inspiring scenery photos, MP3 music files, and environmental poetry

Each disk includes a guide. Almost all the material is original work by Michael Riversong.

$20 each, or both for $30. Add $2 for shipping in the USA. Inquire about shipping to locations on the rest of this planet.

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PROCEEDINGS of the Philadelphia Tesla Days 2012 Science Conference and Birthday Celebration. Presentations by Russell Anderson, Fran McCabe, Jasper Jones, and many others. July 7 - 10, 2012 Topics include gravity control, innovative Tesla Coil design, Tesla related movies, and more. Disk includes all submitted papers, photos, and supplemental resources.

Order Proceedings Disk

Textbooks and Videos

Preferred supplier for most textbooks and videos recommended in Tesla Academy course work is: Tesla Tech, Inc.

More Educational Services

Tutoring and Teaching:  Michael Riversong is available locally and on tour as a teacher and tutor for Grammar, Logic, and Production level studies in several subjects.  Grammar is for students up to about age 12. The Logic level is primarily for students between the ages of 12 15. This is what most Americans would call Junior High. Production level is for students 15 19. At this level, skills to create specific products are developed. Go to the site Cheyenne Logos for further details.

Online courses take a few days to set up, and can be delivered by email exchange, webcast, or chat. 

At all levels Tesla Academy emphasizes the teaching of Ethics along with scientific principles. That's vital to the continued health of our planet. Most environmental problems are fundamentally ethical problems. Part of good environmental ethics involves careful evaluation of all new technologies and processes to make sure that no damage is done. One of the big reasons why there are so many environmental problems currently is that many scientists and inventors had the attitude, "Since we can do this, we should." This has been especially bad in the field of Organic Chemistry. The more than 8 million chemicals commercially available have a lot to do with increasing incidences of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, encephalomyelitis, and other degenerative conditions worldwide. At this stage in the development of new energy production technologies we have a clear chance to avoid similar types of damage. All we have to do is pay attention to basic principles of Ethics.

Our local region is Weld, Boulder, and Larimer counties in Colorado; Laramie and Albany counties in Wyoming.  This includes the cities of Ft. Collins, Loveland, Cheyenne, Pine Bluffs, Carpenter, Laramie, Wellington, Nunn, Greeley, Johnstown, and Longmont.  Travel anywhere outside the local region means that lodging, security, and fuel need to be arranged in advance.

Email for arrangements directly to: mriversong@earthlink.net

Logic Level (ages 12 - 15)

Courses and classes can be delivered locally, on tour, or through the Internet
This level is explained in depth at Cheyenne Logos


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Funding is currently accomplished through fees and donations.  When mailing letters or checks, please let us know by e-mail what's coming, so we can properly sort it out and serve you faster.  To make donations or payments for services, it may be easiest to use PayPal directly to the email address mriversong@earthlink.net

Volunteers are currently helping with promotion and logistics.  No staff members are employed at this time.  Contract teachers other than Mr. Riversong are available as needed.

Tesla Academy is a nonprofit educational entity. 

If you are interested in volunteering or interning with Tesla Academy, please contact us directly.  We also may be able to arrange internships with local businesses for students.

A comprehensive expansion proposal has been drafted and is being circulated to possible funding organizations. You can read the web version of this document here: Tesla Academy Expansion Proposal


Tesla Academy

Fort Collins, Colorado
Director, Sam Mitchell BSc
Secretary/Treasurer, Victoria Gardner RsD
Send email to obtain physical mailing address if needed.
Email: TeslaAcademy@comcast.net