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At every step of research, those who have been attempting to create new power generation technologies have noticed something. All methods of power generation have medical effects. These effects correlate with the relative consciousness level of the method. For example, we all know what happens to someone involved in coal burning, at almost any level. That includes those who live near generation plants. A few types of fuel are less healthy than that, and a few are a bit better. Tesla told us that we shouldn't be burning fuel anyway.
A few more recent methods are really bad for health. Nuclear power, which still is a kludge that uses heat from decaying matter to boil water for turbines, can only exist in a climate of fear, totalitarianism, and information blackouts. Waste materials and emissions from these plants are obviously unhealthy, and in fact include some of the most poisonous substances in the universe!
Research into ball lightning has induced insanity in several people. Even though the background math is excellent, it would be best to abandon this line before anyone else gets hurt.
Note how Nikola Tesla lived a very long life in excellent health. Anything he researched and patented deserves further development. According to Ralph Bergstresser, Tesla was fascinated by the "Tertiary Coil". He said that a third coil could be placed on top of a normal Tesla coil and charged up. Then, it could be taken elsewhere and would emanate beneficial subtle energy for a long time. Tesla kept one of these on his bed headboard all during his later life and said it helped him. Several of the electromedical technologies on this page also have potential for power generation.


Nikola Tesla invented some electromedical devices. The basic theory is that small amounts of electricity will have an effect on many conditions. Effectiveness of this technology has been demonstrated in many ways. One of his devices, the so-called "Violet Ray", is currently available through a number of sources. It puts out a stream of purple radio-frequency electricity through a glass bulb directly into the skin. Small tumors and cysts in animals have been observed to disappear within a few days after treatment. Other benefits have intermittently been reported by users. Tesla's work was a precedent for later developments. After about 1910, the term Diathermy was applied to this field as many variations came to market.
Several researchers have developed good equipment since then, both diagnostic and treatment oriented. We should keep in mind that for most researchers and practitioners, the fundamental ideas behind electromedicine are different from normal American medical practice. Electricity should be used to strengthen the body, allowing it to naturally heal. This is not a war against diseases or specific organisms. Ideally any destruction of a pathogen should be accompanied by a corresponding buildup of living body cells. Pharmaceutical products, on the other hand, are designed to either kill off pathogens (which can't be done with viruses so far) or alter a human body process in some specific way. Thus it often happens that pharmaceuticals end up working against each other. Electromedicine is a broad set of methods that should combine well with other natural practices such as nutrition and herbs.

violet ray
Typical modern Violet Ray device, allegedly invented by Tesla

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electromedicine that has gained wide acceptance in the USA. It is a great relief for some types of chronic pain. Small amounts of electricity are fed through the skin to nerve cells. These are widely available through many conventional clinics.

One of the most well-known electromedicine inventors was Royal Rife, who was active for many years starting in the 1930s. His achievement was to build electro-optical microscopes along with several types of frequency generation machines. These were far ahead of his time. In fact he got into a lot of trouble for this research, went on trial twice, and died in jail. In recent years many people have built treatment devices based on his designs, but nobody has yet managed to duplicate the microscope. However, some good diagnostic equipment has been developed based on new software for PCs.
Basic theory behind Rife's work is somewhat different from normally accepted medical assumptions. He believed that most, if not all infectious agents changed form under various conditions. At one point the agent, known as a somatid, could be a bacteria, at another, a virus, and at still another a mold. Diagnosis consisted of finding the frequency of whatever was causing problems in a patient in its current form, using live tissue analysis under the microscope. Then, once the correct frequency was fed into the patient's body, the agent, whatever it was, would be neutralized. This theoretical basis has been replicated and extended by Gaston Naessens in Quebec.
Without diagnostic equipment, making treatment machines involves some trial and error. That said, many people have reported good results with a number of different models.
A further development of these principles was the Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO) invented by Georges Lakhovsky. Many advancements and refinements of this technology have come along since. Any MWO, as the name implies, will broadcast over a short range a wide variety of electrical frequencies. Many MWOs are set up so that a person sits between two bradcasting coils. Some people report excellent results with this type of machine. Others report no effect at all, and a few have said there are negative effects. A few small companies currently make versions of MWOs.

Replica of an old MWO

One researcher has combined frequency treatment with light, and is reporting success. He is providing information on the Internet through his site.
James E. Bare
Practice of Chiropractic
Albuquerque NM 87110
www.rt66.com/~rifetech for beginning students
www.rifetechnologies.com for advanced students

Pulse technology has been known to produce good results. Very low-power pulses of electricity fed into the blood or body tissue seem to disrupt the action of many bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. One of the best devices of this type was produced by the late Dr. Glen Gordon

med pulse
Home-made pulse device

Another workable approach in electromedicine is to use a broad range of frequencies that can benefit almost anyone. Several groups have found such frequency sets and transmit them through a Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO), specially tuned Tesla coils, along with gas-filled tubes and other innovations. Several research studies are indicating that free radicals are reduced and beneficial hormones are increased for a majority of people who use this type of machine. Sessions are informal, usually involving a person sitting near a machine for less than 5 minutes. Recently it has become customary for some people to drink water that has been exposed to the machine's fields. At the time of this writing, the most well known and refined device of this type is:

VIBE Machine
Gene Koonce
Greeley, Colorado

Typical VIBE machine installation

Rodin Coil
This Toroidal Coil winding reportedly was involved in a dramatic reduction in anticipated healing time for a man who was wounded in a small explosion with second and third degree burns. Reference: Marko Rodin presentation at the 2011 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference available through Tesla Tech, Inc.

Many electromedicine pioneers operated during the 1920s and 30s, mostly inspired by Tesla. Their work has been collected into an excellent museum which exists both online and in the real world. You can find it through:
Jeff Behary
The Museum of Electromedical Devices
West Palm Beach, Florida

Interview with Electromedicine Pioneer Bob Beck

Outline for Electromedicine Manual


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