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MR: You're looking good.

BB:I lost 105 pounds and got my hair back.

MR: I heard that was because of one of your devices.

BB:Yes, and we've had some replications of that with other people, so we know it works.

MR: Which device was that?

BB:The one that grew the hair back was the lymph cleaner. It woke up the follicles and brought them back to life. It was a magnetic pulse generator. The one that lost all the weight was the blood cleaner. We got all the parasites and waste out of the blood. So after spending $100,000 in the past 30 years trying to lose weight, when the parasites started messing up my appestat, the weight came right off. It isn't what you eat, it's how much of what you eat is stored as fat. I didn't change my diet a bit, and didn't exercise much either. A lot of our friends have lost alarming amounts of weight if they were obese, and gained it if they were skinny. So it sort of normalizes things. The skinny ones were anorexic,

I used it four hours to see if there were any side effects on June 12, 1994. After that I started to lose weight.

In America everyone carries about 140 parasites. In Africa they carry about 500. They've been around for a long time there.

There are a number of devices on the market that are supposed to eliminate parasites without herbs, but most of them don't work. There are technical reasons for this. The units out of Tijuana don't work : 1. Their frequencies are advertised at 30K Hz. The reason Tesla could hold a lamp in one hand and not get shocked, was skin effect. At higher frequencies the current goes around the body and not through it, so you can't get at the parasites. 2. Many of them are being held in the palms, and there are very few conductive paths through the seven layers of flesh there. So only a very small fraction is going to get into any blood vessels. 3. If you read the peak-to-peak, not RMS voltage at the output, most of them read below 6 volts, although it's a 9 volt battery running it. You need a threshold of at least 20 volts before the parasites are affected, and you need that in the blood, not muscle or flesh tissue.

We found that when you put our electrodes directly and precisely over the arteries where you can feel the pulse the strongest, the minimum microcurrent which is greater than 100 microamperes, you can get at the parasites. It has to be precise, not skewed, or rolled off a little bit.

So ours is the only one that i know of, and i've tested dozens of these, that gets rid of the parasites by the stool test. For millions of years pathogens, parasites, fungi, and viruses have been living symbiotically with man and using man's body to store up a meal for tomorrow for themselves. This i believe is the true cause of overweight -- not what you eat, but how much is stored by the bugs for tomorrow.

MR: Is this the main thing you're working on now?

No, I'm bringing out a proven cure for diabetes in about a year. It's based on Dr. Becker's studies of cell rejuvenation by very small electrical currents, so we can restore the pancreas & islets of Langerhans to produce insulin again. You don't need it in a bottle.

MR: Are there specific frequencies for each organ?

Absolutely not. The Rife material was purely speculative and proven on examination to be false. I've written many journal papers over the years. Rife was using the word "frequency", Frequency therapy, and f generator in his work. He was using square waves in the generators. The correct term is pulse repetition rate, not frequencies. As any child knows with square waves, you have an infinite number of odd harmonics containing thousands of frequencies on spectral analysis. So even Einstein couldn't have told what was doing what in the body.

MR: So what was really going on?

Any electrical stimulus above a certain threshold which is almost painful, about 4 mA into the body appears to the immune system as a foreign invader. So when the immune system sees a foreign invader it puts out a broad spectrum for neuropeptides, including interferon and interleuken. The few successful cases it was the overstimulated immune system that actually did the scavenging. Because the frequencies required to influence any cell mechanically or acoustically appear in the infrared range, and the highest frequency that Rife ever used was in the audio range, orders of magnitude lower in frequency, so you couldn't get the quarter wave excitation across a virus. This has to be precise to mechanically alter the structure of the cell. you can't run infra red light down wires as he thought he was doing.

What I have done, and it is finished, is develop an across the board cure-all for any genetically engineered viruses like Hanta and maybe HIV, and Ebola, because many of the newly developed strains are antibody-proof, and they mutate too fast to be vaccine mitigated, but they can't stand up to the electrical stimulation in the blood and silver colloids at the same time. You need proper size and quantity of silver colloids. We've come out with a system you can build yourself which will precisely eliminate any of this new breed of viruses which are about to be dumped on us by anybody, anywhere, anytime. The government wants

to kill off everyone over 65, Social Security is bankrupt, so they've allegedly created viruses to do just that. HIV is decimating another sector of humanity. People can build their own.

MR: Is this the same as the one you revealed back in 1992?

Yes, about the fifth generation of that -- the concept is identical.

I put the blood cleanser on at breakfast and read the paper. My health is incredible, and my libido is off the map.

The beginning of the story is that there was an amazing discovery in 1990 & 91 at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Which revealed that a very small current through blood heavily infected with HIV totally eliminated the capability of the outer protein layers of the HIV virus to connect to any receptor sites. Therefore, it was effectively neutralized and it was ineffective to infect any body tissue, lymph fluid, etc. We've had HIV reversals by actual PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests in 4 weeks with actual full-blown sufferers. I have in my hands totally negative PCR which has never been seen to date.

We have hundreds. It's not a politically correct thing to do to say someone's been cured.

The problem with Stephen Kaali is that it will cost about $20,000 per patient and is done by dialysis and is taken out of one arm, treated electrically, and reinjected in the opposite arm. It takes a great deal of time and money to do this. My contribution is that mine is in vivo -- we don't remove the blood, we treat it with external electrodes. It's worked with innumerable incurable diseases to date. We're more afraid of the FDA who wants to stop us than we are of the pharmaceutical houses who want to shoot me.

For the first two years that i was funding this study we had dozens of miraculous "spontaneous remissions". But there was no hard clinically tested data. Today, in March 1996, we have hundreds of hospital IRV studies in which full-blown AIDS patients are totally symptom-free and many with blood tests to prove it. Some still have HIV in the blood, but we don't believe it's infectious. We are doing biopsies of tissue.

Some people thought we'd have egg on my face when it failed, but it's been amazingly successful in practice -- when the protocol is followed precisely.

My contribution was to develop a very simple portable battery operated array of tools: #1 the blood cleanser, which appears to eliminate all (I hate that word, being an engineer) parasites, fungi, pathogens, microbes, and bacteria from blood. #2 a system for making your own silver electrocolliod for under a penny a gallon, #3 is the very high intensity magnetic pulse generator

which is used on bone marrow, the thymus, and all of the major lymph nodes, and is also non-invasive.

MR:How does the colloidal silver machine work?

Very well. It makes a better colloid than most of those you buy through multilevel entrepreneurship. That's my blow at them. It works by putting a small current through any aqueous liquid between pure silver electrodes, an anode and a cathode. When done at the proper voltage, current, and purity of water (distilled) a very fine grain electrocollid is electrolytically spread in the water from the anode. IF you have a laboratory tested the particle size proves to be from .001 to .015 microns in size. Depending on the time of electrolysis, the parts per million on an 8-ounce sample of water requires about five minutes. So you can make it as you go, you don't even have to store it.

The water costs 800 times more than the colloid in the water. A gallon of distilled water is about 80 cents in California. The colloid, including battery drain, silver emission, etc., is 1/10th of a penny per gallon.

If you can bend the silver it's .999, if not it's got hardeners. Pure silver is very soft.

MR: What's your take on the definition or lack thereof with the word "scalar"?

Some people liken it to d phi over dT and dA/dT, that's the change of area with the change in time. This carries no power, only information.

My own favorite model is pattered after I.W. Hooper and his brilliant work -- there's two or three patents on this. This proved that bifilar backwound solenoids, with the right-hand current rule reversed -- when you backwind the conductors and cancel the HB(?) Maxwellian vectors, you cancel the energy or work component in the field, or strip it, but you still have an information field which can be detected even inside of a Faraday shield by an electrometer. I've done this at the National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency in their own Faraday cages, and we've put a device inside, and there's a signal outside in each case. I'm not permitted on their premises any more. What we assumed was left was the scalar component, which nobody else could detect.

So my definition of scalar would be the informational fields that are left when you precisely cancel the voltage and current vectors. The only detectors that i know that are reliable are the Foreman oscillator invented in 1965, now in public domain, and an unbalanced capacitance and inductance bridges which strip the phase leading and lagging components off an electromagnetic carrier. These can be demonstrated repeatedly. All of the other

things I've seen which are called scaler detectors and generators have not stood up to the knowledgeable observer (me).

MR:What do you think is the best thing we can do to defend ourselves against the potential of mind control instruments?

first, You have to have actual instruments which measure things. Paranoia has done in more people than actual experiments. Healing almost invariably works in spite of the theory of the healer, seldom because of it. the same thing goes for most of these psychotronic miraculous instruments. They don't know about the (Cleve) Baxter effect -- as he discovered that plants on a polygraph indicated the presence or absence of human emotions nearby.

In an absolutely pure example of scalar communication, by scraping some cells of the roof of a subject's mouth, centrifuging in a conical test tube until you have a concentration in the bottom, putting two fine electrode wires into the slurry of the cells, and connecting that to the input of a sensitive galvanic skin response polygraph, no matter what the distance between the captive cells and the donor, they will invariably give a reliable read whenever the living subject is surprised or traumatized or threatened.

I was involved in observing the attacks on Eugene, Oregon in 1977 and 1978 -- as a contractor, not an agent. At that time, until about 1982 or 3, most global mind control tests were variations of waveforms in ELF carriers, at the human brain frequency typically at 10 Hz. People were running off the roads, and falling asleep at lathes, all kinds of things. There were a lot of deaths. After the "woodpecker" was silenced, rumors had it that the Soviets who were technically about 15 years ahead of us had begun testing energies akin to scalar. I won't say it is scalar because i couldn't prove that. I developed equipment for both detection of extremely weak EMF and back EMF in 1972, and it stands as state of the art as far as sensitivity and the H/B magnetometers were more sensitive than $300,000 SQUIDS. That's my claim to fame, but they denied my equipment existed. I built these for Sandia, the Naval Service Weapons Dept, and others. I demonstrated it at Global Science meetings.

If it's magnetic ELF, you wear on your body a mood pacer set to a beneficial frequency, and since your brain is like a Foster-Sealy Discriminator, like an FM radio, that responds to only the loudest signal in the area, and never to two at the same time at the same frequency it will work. The brain works that way, otherwise we'd be insane. So it can be overridden by a mood pacer set to 7.83 Hz.

If it is scalar, the only thing that i postulate, and this has not been tested like the ELF -- there is a system detectable with a vacuum Foreman amplifier. He developed this device, but nobody published it. You use a backwound solenoid with the third and fourth bifilar winding that's modulated and adds and subtracts minutely from the main field, which is self-cancelling. That in some cases, particularly with cats, will override the ambient bogey.

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