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Nikola Tesla thought the mechanical turbine was his greatest invention. It is spectacular. But at the time, materials durable enough to build it were not available. Now, even plastics can be used. It was only in the early 90s that Tesla Turbines began to be developed and manufactured. This invention is gradually replacing many conventional blade turbines and pumps.

Mechanical resonance is a powerful operating principle. In fact, some potential inventions in this area are simply too dangerous. A potential to destroy whole planets literally exists with this type of technology.

Dyna-Flo is a notable manufacturer of Tesla Turbine pumps. They loaned a transparent demonstration model to the International Tesla Society Museum in 1991. Anyone who is familiar with the operation of conventional water pumps is familiar with several of their disadvantages. Vanes tend to wear out, they are not particularly efficient, and they cannot effectively move liquids with large amounts of solid material. The Dyna-Flo unit showed how these problems are overcome with Tesla Turbine technology. Their transparent demo unit contained water mixed with plastic Mardi Gras beads. These would have completely clogged any normal pump. Repeatedly, the turbine moved this impossible solution easily.

It has been said that vane pumps work by friction, and Tesla Turbines work by adhesion. This means that, in a sense, the molecules of whatever is being pumped are cooperating with the resonance created by the fundamental turbine design. More research is certainly needed on this point. If true, it implies that Tesla Turbines could be precisely calibrated to particular jobs by being made of harmonious materials.

Tesla Turbine
Tesla Turbine built by Nikola Skulich, 2006

Wind Gen
Tai Robinson next to a small wind generator. This is a typical mechanical energy conversion device.


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