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Observe natural flow processes. You will often see a certain shape called a vortex. It appears most dramatically in many galaxies. You also see it in hurricanes, tornados, and whirlpools. Any vortex has two main characteristics: spiral flow and a neutral center. Any other definition of a vortex is technically incorrect.
In the early 20th century, a German forester named Viktor Schauberger made many observations of fish swimming upstream. He noticed that the fish would sometimes move upstream with no effort at all in areas where there were old, smooth rocks in certain patterns. Eventually he realized that these patterns were creating some sort of anti-gravity effect. He applied these observations to engineering and built a log flume that would move logs uphill. From this he proposed the development of water treatment devices and motors using these principles of Vortexian Mechanics.
World War II both facilitated and prevented further engineering. He was forced to work for the Nazi government while his family was held hostage. He was unwilling to create anything that would further the interests of the Nazis. After the war, he was, like most Germans, too impoverished to make much progress. After his death which was associated with suppression by some Americans who were possibly CIA agents, his sons and others carried on research. They were understandably unwilliing to share any knowledge with anyone outside Germany. Therefore, a number of devices were developed which have only been seen in Europe.

Updates on this research have been promising. One machine invented by Hacheny moves water rapidly through a vane structure. This is said to energize water, making it a promoter of health. As of 1992, many Waldorf schools in Europe had purchased these. Parents were coming to the schools and taking water home for their families. Many other similar machines have been developed, along with water filtration equipment. All these should be more extensively tested.
Thorsten Ludwig has been coming to the USA on a regular basis to share more information in recent years. We know that development work is continuing on devices that remove water from buildings, water treatment equipment, and motors. Videos of his presentations are highly recommended, and available from Tesla Tech, Inc.

Walter Baumgartner has been working hard for many years on demonstration projects and inventions in this field. As of this writing, he has been building a new vortex motor. If he can obtain adequate funding it will soon be possible for this motor to become available to the public.

It appears that hurricanes and tornados function to purify air. Researchers are currently working to figure out exactly how this works. Somehow the combination of circular flow and the neutral center seems to literally transmute pollutants, possibly at a subatomic level. If this is true, then Vortexian Mechanics has major implications for Harmonic Chemistry processes.
Another aspect of Vortexian Mechanics worth noting is how much energy is inherent in these processes. The amounts of energy are apparently vast enough to power the motion of entire galaxies somehow. Implosion is what we call this process. It is the direct opposite of explosion, which has so far been the basis of much power generation and transportation technology. If we can work out ways to use implosions instead, at least theoretically we could build motors with more self-sustaining operation and less pollution.

One possible approach to creating "free energy" has involved forces apparently acting in some kind of vortexian fashion, but with no real terminology associated. Joe Cells and Moe-Joe Cells seem to be operating this way, when they operate.

Moe-Joe Cell Assembly
Moe-Joe Cell Assembly by Moshe Daniel at 2008 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Another fascinating new technique is to make electricity flow in small amounts in a vortex. This is the approach taken by mathematician Marko Rodin, who has developed an easy way to wind fine electric wire around a donut -- in this case, a child's toy. Remarkable energy phenomena have been seen in experiments so far.

Rodin Coil in test bed, 2009 ExtraOrdinary Technology
Rodin Coil in test bed at 2009 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference


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