Tesla Academy provides educational services relating to the study of research lines followed by Nikola Tesla and other historical inventors. Its purpose is to encourage the development of clean, safe, and useful adanced technologies based on these research lines. Nine specific areas of research have been identified and detailed on the main web site. Services are provided at the existing main office and at client locations. These services consist of classes, tutoring, consulting, correspondence, publication, and reference. Students from the age of 12 through adult years are served. Our facility includes a specialized library with many rare and out-of-print materials.

Currently Tesla Academy has its office and library at 415 W. 28th St. in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This is about 4 blocks from the State Capitol building. It includes 8 tall bookshelves and a large volume of stored computer data. Since its establishment in 2006 it has been supported by a mix of private donations, direct product sales, and personal funds of the Founder. Library materials are not available for checkout. The facility currently includes bookshelf space, an office cubicle, and three study areas.

To ensure ongoing stability and significant expansion of services, it is proposed that the headquarters be moved to Fort Collins, Colorado and branches be established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Phoenix, Arizona. This would allow for efficient delivery of all services and regular music and educational programs for the general public. A budget has been drawn up in a related document which is available by request.

As with any proposal of this nature, many of its elements can be changed to meet the needs of funding organizations. It is presumed that the Founder will work by consensus of an entire Board of Directors once the Academy is firmly established.


This city is 45 miles from the current facility in Cheyenne. Thus, the small existing public in Cheyenne will find it reasonably accessible. Fort Collins has a major state university, community colleges, a thriving public library system, good public transportation, excellent medical facilities, and a coherent multigenerational community of interested researchers dating back to the 1940s. Colorado State University has traditionally been in the vanguard of innovative research in many fields. Several public facilities for classes and meetings are readily available. Proximity to the student population is also an important consideration. It is hoped that a location near the main university campus will be found. Access to Ft. Collins is relatively easy through Denver, Sterling, or Cheyenne.


A vibrant community of researchers has been forming over the past few years in Philadelphia. At the core of this community are several immigrants from Serbia who maintain a distinctive interest in the life and works of their countryman Nikola Tesla. In July 2009 they put on a successful local conference. Community members are already working hard at further public outreach and intend to establish a laboratory. Frequent contact with the Tesla Museum and its associated groups in Belgrad is maintained. This city has an excellent public transportation system and ready access from the entire East Coast. It has long been a nexus of political and scientific activity. of its existing institutions are expected to be supportive of Tesla Academy once its branch library is established there.


Tesla Tech is headquartered about 45 miles east of Phoenix. Since about 1999, that fact has attracted small but increasing numbers of local researchers, inventors, and other interested parties. This metropolitan area is essentially one of the largest scale ecological experiments on this planet. Normally it would not be possible to sustain such a large human population in this type of desert. Therefore, a great deal of ingenuity has gone into building up the urban area. Another asset is that Phoenix is relatively easy to access from the West Coast, Albuquerque, and Las Vegas.

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