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You will find Resonance operating everywhere as a basic principle of the Universe. Tesla's achievements mostly involved this principle. AC electrical generation was simply the combination of resonance with electron flow in wires, at 60 cycles per second. Its structure is similar to what musicians know as a "triad chord". We take it for granted now, but at the time (1888) it was a huge step forward for all humanity. Tesla obviously understood the principles of Resonance well -- this can often be found in his patent documents & drawings. Recently, many researchers have agreed that a wave form often described by Tesla in his patents be called "Tesla Waves". Previously there had been several names used by a number of scientists. These resemble sound waves more than any other known phenomenon. It appears that these waves precede electricity and gravity in many cases.

Tube Horns
Tube Radio Receivers from the 1920s with horn speakers


One could say that music is more like the way our universe works than anything else we know. Any study of acoustics and/or music theory will thus be beneficial in understanding many other areas of science. Throughout most of European and American history the idea that studying music is beneficial for all students was embedded in educational practice. Only in the past 50 years has this idea been mostly abandoned in America, with poor results.

Michael Riversong has released an educational DVD that explores the origin and nature of the musical scale system most used in the world today.  It was invented by Pythagoras about 2,600 years ago.  Each part of the system has health implications, and the way it all works is an essential aspect of knowledge about resonance.  You can order this DVD through the Tesla Academy Online Store

Some music can definitely cause harm to the body and mind, while other works will enhance many functions. Many writings are available on this subject by a number of authors. The writings by Tesla Academy Founder Michael Riversong can be found at: Biblical Bards Music & Articles
Mr. Riversong has released many albums of gentle, original music which demonstrates how physical principles that create health effects can be embodied in coherent compositions. The full list of titles currently available is at: Biblical Bards Music Catalog

Electronic Music

In recent years the scope of music has been greatly altered by the introduction of electronic music. Now, tones can be custom shaped for any purpose. A whole new category of musicians has apperared: Tone Colorists, who specialize in shaping musical tones.
The first electronic instrument was built in 1927 by Russian professor Leon Theremin:


Here is a contemporary unit:
Performance by South New Jersey band Tagg, Philadelphia July, 2009. He's playing the electric guitar and Theremin simultaneously.

Music Reproduction

Back-Loaded Exponential Horn
We can learn a lot from the way our human bodies were created. The resemblance here is no accident, and it works well. This is a "Back-Loaded Exponential Horn" speaker exhibited by Peter Fletcher-Haynes at the 2010 Vintage Voltage show.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

plain Atlin
Dynasphere replica built by Dale Pond

plain Atlin
Detail of resonator structure

To study resonance and its associated phenomena, there is one place in the world where you can find the most comprehensive body of information. Dale Pond, a good inventor in his own right, has put together thousands of pages based partly on the work of 19th-century Philadelphia inventor John Keely. You can easily study this material at his web site, Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

Atlin & Riversong
Michael Riversong with Dynasphere, 2006


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