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12/4/13 Russell Anderson - Gravity Research Today
7/28/13 Mano Divina on Infinite Music
7/28/13 Using Silver Ions in Electromedicine
7/28/13 Orgone, a 3-part series with Bruce Forrester
7/14/13 How To Be a Successful Inventor with Thomas Fetterman
7/7/13 Michael Leas - Tesla's Wireless System
7/7/13 Fran McCabe - Gravity and Gyroscopes

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How To Be a Successful Inventor Pt. 1 Thomas Fetterman has done very well as an inventor. Here, he shares basic principles that serve as the foundation of his career: finding your area of expertise, and a target population of customers to serve. 6:11

How To Be a Successful Inventor Pt. 2 How should you treat the people you have business relationships with? How do you get help? How much is your invention worth? 5:44

Are Invention Companies Any Good? We have all seen those ads on late night TV. Do these companies really help? What percentage of their customers achieve success? Are there better ways to get evaluations and make business connections? American Society Of Inventors web site 5:42

Michael Leas -- Tesla Wireless Michael Leas has built several working scale model systems demonstrating Tesla's wireless electricity transmission patents. These are significant on many levels, technical, social, political, and corporate. He has several videos available at 3:21

Ithaca Hours Program  Ithaca Hours, started in 1991, is a prototype for community economic stability.  They print their own currency, which circulates among members like government money does.  This allows people in communities who might not always have access to sufficient government-issued money to survive and prosper, and opens up some possible alternatives for funding research and inventions.  14:28

Paul Pantone & GEET One of the most well known inventors of our time, with a proven track record of amazing innovations. Paul discusses what students need to have in order to study his technology. GEET is a set of methods for extracting unexpected amounts of energy from engines, but its implications go a lot further. 4:08

David Thomson, Aether Physics Model Part 1 In order to properly engineer devices that use characteristics of the Aether that fills all space, we must have a coherent model of how it works. Many people have worked on building this model; Thomson has put together an exceptionally useful and clear set of concepts. This is of interest to anyone who wants to understand physics and how it relates to building inventions.  9:52

David Thomson, Aether Physics Model Part 2 In this interview, Thomson explains how the Aether Physics Model was developed.  10:45

David Thomson, Aether Physics Model Part 3 We discuss how music relates to physics research.  6:46

Gary Peterson on Tesla's Wireless Transmission System Nikola Tesla had designed and partly built the beginning of a significant world wireless transmission system at Wardenclyffe up until 1907. The project was abandoned when funding was stopped. Working directly from Tesla's patents, Gary has built and demonstrated a 1/35th scale working model of the Wardenclyffe system, thus showing proof of concept. Photos can be found elsewhere in this site complex. It is recommended that listeners have on hand the Tesla Dictionary of Advanced Research Terminology, available for free download from the home page of this site. 10:19

CJ Fearnley SYNERGETICS: Buckminster Fuller put together an excellent mathematical system for studying and developing advanced technologies in many fields, including chemistry, gravity, and power generation. Careful analysis of the patterns in this system is rewarding. CJ is one of the people who puts together Synergetics Workshops and Symposiums through  11:48

Homebrew Wind Power co-author Dan Fink discusses how the book is used, and how his group helps people who can build some parts of wind generators and not others. 6:31

Machining Alternative Energy Jen Steen explains the role of machinists in building new alternative energy systems. This is of special interest to students who want to go into the field. She works at an alternative energy lab in Ft. Collins. 7:06

Karryn WHAT IS PERMACULTURE? For many years a new discipline of ecologically effective agriculture has been built in many parts of this planet. Karryn gives a good introduction to the subject. Eventually, it is anticipated that some of the technologies related to Tesla research will find a place within this discipline.  10:39

Jeff Hayes Obtaining and using Tesla Turbines, a very efficient and sensible way to pump liquids using resonant technology. Tesla's mechanical inventions are not as well known as his electrical work, but are in themselves important in many applications.  17:31

Energy & Environment Research Center Interview with Gerry Grownwald, of EERC in North Dakota. How a research organization can successfully operate for over 21 years doing significant research on energy processes.  5:44

Sonne Ward How a hard-working inventor finds inspiration.  16:38


Mano Divina on Infinite Music One of this planet's few professional Theramin players tells us how his all-electronic instrument works, and what this means for the future of music. The Theramin was the world's first electronic instrument, and is played without touching anything. Mano Divina is a pioneer in extending the range and scope of his instrument through the Divine Hand Ensemble based in Philadelphia. 7:53

Len Horowitz on Harmonics Increasingly researchers and inventors are realizing that resonance and harmonics are a vital part of nature in many ways. We discuss how this works in music and science. 6:51

Ross Barrable Musical Architecture.  12:04

David Thomson, Aether Physics Model Part 3 We discuss how music relates to physics research.  6:46

Dale Pond, Sympathetic Vibratory Physics Creator of the awesome and beautiful Dynasphere replicas. There's a lot behind this; a good way to look at fundamental structures of the universe.  20:40


Relativity Theory and Gravity Inventor and researcher Russell Anderson explains the basic connections between the Theory of Relativity and how gravity works. This is valuable engineering data leading toward the development of working systems. 7:24

Gravity References and Research Lines Russell Anderson provides key references and information on possible ways that gravity control has been researched. 4:02

Duplicating the Work of John Searle In 1946, John Searle built a legendary gravity control device in England. How can we simply duplicate what he had done back in those days? 3:54

Fran McCabe has been researching gravity longer than most people have been alive. He is one of the world's greatest authorities on gyroscopes. Here he provides some basic working principles of these valuable research tools. 6:45

Dan Davidson One of this planet's top experts on gravity control engineering. Many unexpected ideas are covered, including how gravity effects can be found in nature.  12:08


Tai Robinson How to save money and make the environment better by using American made fuels. Tai is a young and energetic builder who communicates powerfully.  18:29

Tai Robinson - Advice on Fuel Conversions Details on how to choose among fuel conversion options, such as Natural Gas, Hydrogen, and other possibilities.  7:22

How Biodiesel fuel works Interview with Sean Lafferty, founder of the pioneering Blue Sun Biodiesel fuel company. We discuss how vertical integration makes this type of business work, providing both fuel and better techniques for high plains farmers.  8:37

Hydrogen from Wind A noted researcher form the National Renewable Energy Laboratory explains current work in obtaining Hydrogen fuel from wind power. Several technical considerations are covered. 6:05

The Moe-Joe Cell What if you could build a small unit that increases vehicle mileage using just water? The catch is, it responds to the level of consciousness of the user. With Moshe Daniel, August 2008.  9:13


Silver Ions in ElectrotherapyUsing Silver Ions to prevent infections when working under the skin. With long-time Philadelphia area researcher Michael Manning.  5:56

Jeff Behary Founder of the Electrotherapy Museum. Good insights into specific electrical medicine alternatives.  11:36

Byington Sims on ElectromedicineFree radicals and MRSA are among the things that can be easily handled with electromedical techniques. How electromedicine can be done under water.


Discussions with legendary builder Bruce Forrester of Zephyr Technology. He explains how Orgone works, and how to use it.

Part 1: Orgone AccumulatorsBasic information on what Orgone is and does.  9:04

Part 2: Orgone and Weather
All weather on this planet involves Orgone energy as a component determining location and severity of storms.  9:18

Part 3: Orgone BlanketHow a high-quality Orgone Blanket is built.  3:58


Larry Jarboe An organizer of the AEPC explains the reasons behind the conference, and discusses how politics works in relation to alternative energy.  13:15

Smack Boost Hydrogen Injection How a popular fuel enhancement technology works.  3:37

A Home-Built Electric Car Yes, it is possible to convert a regular car to an electric vehicle. This is one way to do that.  3:52

Solar Tech, Inc. If you want to start a local solar and wind power company, this is how to do it right. 6:49

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